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Reading :Linkup the Dots!

This dot represents an idea.

A line between dots represents a connection between ideas.

Reading books gives your brain more dots to work with.

Then, it helps you connect these dots.

The more connections you have, the more you understand the world around you.

Keep connecting the dots.

Keep reading books.

Yes, I am Corruption !🤔

It’s me. I am the reason for corruption in India

Day 1 – I was caught by a police for not having helmet. I managed him by giving 300 rupees. I did not understand that helmet is for my safety.

Day 2 – I need income certificate. So I went to a government office to issue an income certificate. They said that It will take few days as they have many applications. I gave them 1000 rupees and got my certificate in one day.

Day 3 – I went to link my aadhar card to Mobile number. The queue was very huge. As I hate waiting, I gave peon a 500 rupee note to get the thing done for me in minutes.

Day 4 – I prefer throwing waste on road but I keep my room very tidy.

As long as I am like this, corruption exists in India. I need to change to see the change

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You Can Be Banned !!





I am #Banned  on   OLX  !!

(OLX – A Platform to sell old/used goods).

I tried to sell the last 2 biscuits in my Hide&Seek packet

(I included the picture along with the title, “Delicious yummy last 2 biscuits”).

This should have irked them.


(It is 100%True , Practiced by Me)

Pseudosecular Insect



#Sarscam #GreenChiliTadka


The most #Secular flower of India #Merygold blooms in at my home!

Saffron flower & Green leaves to maintain #secular fabric of India.

But two #Pseudosecular insect 🐛make shelter in the #saffron body!

But I can’t remove them!
Bcoz my #tolerant mind stop me to do this!
,#MyFeelings 🚩🍂🍃 🔗

Super Hero:The Real Man

Today I saw a trailer with Mr.Ambitab Bachan with his unique voice saying that America has superman, batman and spiderman but India has Padman.

hope you know who he is. If not, meet Mr.Arunachalam Muruganatham.

Born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu,India. He lost his father at teenage, he dropped out of school and started to work in machine lathes, welding and small sort of works. Years passed….

With the background of poor average family, at one stage he got married too. One day he found his Mrs was hiding one waste cloth behind her and tried to avoid his eye contact. Curiously, Mr.Muruganatham found that his wife was using waste cloth as sanitary pads on her menstrual days. And the following conversation tooks place,

Mr: “why you are using this cloth?? Rather than using sanitary pads, which is available in stores?”

Mrs: “we can’t afford that and it’s none of your business.”

At that time, he decided to make a sanitary pad for his wife, he did that within 48 hours and he got immediate compliment from Mrs.Muruganatham that, it was worse than the waste cloth.

Mr.Muruganatham didn’t give up. He started to think and spend time in this and made some of his own sanitary pads and waited for results. Results didn’t come properly but at one stage he got divorce letter from his wife ( that’s his first valuable compliment as he said in some interviews) P.C – Al Jazeera news.

After Mrs.Muruganantham and her children went from Mr.Muruganantham. he fully dedicated his time into making a sanitary pad by turning himself with artificial uterus. After 4+ years of works with cotton he finally designed 3 machines which produces a world class sanitary pad with quality more than the marketed ones and with the half of the price.

Yes, Mr.Arunachalam muruganatham is the pad man.

With the knowledge of what the society needs, He patented his innovation and doesn’t give it into corporate hands. Instead, Mr.Muruganantham’s words are,

I am doing as a social cause”

“I am giving the machine to the rural India”

“I am going to create a million employment for rural women”

“I am going to make the figure of sanitary pad using women into 100%

With lots of hurdles he faced, finally he succeeded in what he was determined to. Counting numbers of his interviews with world famous peoples and stages with awards. More than 100+ countries acknowledged his innovation. Staying true to his words he gave employment opportunities to rural women.

Mr.Muruganantham Arunachalam – The first man to wear a sanitary napkin and the best person in India.

P.C- Google, YouTube., Wikipedia


Humour : Reviews Online🏄😸😀

Legendary hilarious reviews award goes to “HIFIMAN HE1000 Setero Wired Headphones worth INR ₹2,19,990 only


Caution : Hilariously funny reviews ahead

Healing miracle:

Life savior:

did you hear sound? yes that was this 😉 :

Beyond the bounds:

I can notice apple sales graph down , now kidneys are selling for HIFIMAN

Last but not least:

PS: Reading this question subjected to personal risk, and i am not responsible for any injuries while laughing.


[1] HIFIMAN HE1000 Setero Wired Headphones Price in India – Buy HIFIMAN HE1000 Setero Wired Headphones Online – HIFIMAN :

Want More !


some of the funniest sign boards found only in India❗






In Hindi “TATTI” means poop.

Update: I didn’t know I had these on my facebook album. But, all of them are unique and fun. Here you go –

Nothing is permanent? Seems legit.

This is the cause of inflation.

I’ll become truck when I grow up.

Text: “चोर बनिये की दुकान” – “Thief Baniye’s(Baniya is one of the castes in India) shop”.

Here is the whole text written translation(Cell phone number is in words for security reasons)-

Cold water, newspaper and phone services are free for traveling in this auto rickshaw.

10% discount for senior citizens.

The guest is God

Get the auto rickshaw from home – Nine Two One Two Two Five Nine Seven Five Seven
Six Four Five One One One Nine Eight

Honored by the Honorable Minister of Transport Auto Rickshaw Driver.

Only in India.

Here is the translation:

In red color: “50 bucks fine on vomiting”

Rest of the text:

“Waiter’s service charge will be separate.

protect your own belongings.

Canteen’s people and waiter….”

I am not a big fan of soft drinks after seeing this.

Anything is possible in India if you have money.

I am not sure how to translate this one. But it goes something like this: “Life’s screwed, still boasting”

Translation: “Please do not share the knowledge here. Here are all knowledgable.”

5 bucks for address enquiry.
And 10 bucks for taking you to the place”

Indian version of volvo maybe.

Why am I not surprised by this milestone?

Am I missing something here?

Do not trespass.

I am not sure if this was a real offer in the first place.











I bought a Shirt one month ago and since then I have washed that shirt quite a number of times. Today, when I was ironing that shirt, I read the washing instruction tag and here is what it read:


# Share_the_load

It is a simple yet powerful attempt to break stereotypes that only women should do the laundry.

Yes, I wash my clothes by myself.


Do Hindus feel victimized in India due to secularism?

This is Mecca

This is Medina

This is Al Aqsa Mosque

Above are the Top three Holy places of Islam.

These are considered as Heritage of Islam and their beauty is impeccable. We are awed by its beauty and the historical narrative which has taken place within these majestic buildings.

The prestige of a religion is often connected to the visual images of the holy sites.

These are not merely buildings but a symbol of their Religion and the faith of their followers.

And it should be because in every religion allmen have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience. No person shall be compelled to attend, erect, or support any place of worship, or maintain any form of worship, against his consent.

Now we have this also

Ram Janambhomi Temple (Birth place of lord Rama)

Krishna Janabhomi temple (Birth place of lord Krishna) and Shahi Idgah Mosque constructed over a part of Krishna Janam bhomi temple

This is Kashi Vishwanath Temple remains and Gyanvapi Mosque over it, though a new temple is constructed but not in its original place and without original Shivlinga.

The above mentioned three sites is like mecca and medina of Hindu religion.

Now anything which I will write will be considered Fascist or a sign of Hindu Extremisim or Intolerance.

But one thing ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

Thank you.

I am secular….