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Yes, I am Corruption !🤔

It’s me. I am the reason for corruption in India

Day 1 – I was caught by a police for not having helmet. I managed him by giving 300 rupees. I did not understand that helmet is for my safety.

Day 2 – I need income certificate. So I went to a government office to issue an income certificate. They said that It will take few days as they have many applications. I gave them 1000 rupees and got my certificate in one day.

Day 3 – I went to link my aadhar card to Mobile number. The queue was very huge. As I hate waiting, I gave peon a 500 rupee note to get the thing done for me in minutes.

Day 4 – I prefer throwing waste on road but I keep my room very tidy.

As long as I am like this, corruption exists in India. I need to change to see the change

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Who Is Rich !?


Today I saw a post on my Facebook feed.

In the post, there was a question – “Who is Rich?”


A woman was travelling in car. Suddenly her 5 year old child starts crying. She knew that he wants milk. So she stopped car at nearby 5 Star Hotel.

*Lady enters the hotel along with her baby.

Lady: Sir! Please please give me milk for my baby.

Manager: Mam! Here is your milk.

Lady: How much does it cost?

Manager: Rs 70.

*Gives money and left the hotel.

On the way her baby starts crying again. This time the lady didn’t see any hotel nearby. Suddenly she saw a small shop. Owner of the shop was very poor and old.

*Lady went to shop to inquire about milk.

Lady: Uncle do you have milk? I have to feed my baby.

Uncle(owner of shop) : Of Course!

*Gives baby feeder to lady after filling it.

Lady: How much does it cost?

Uncle : I don’t need any money. Why will I charge for some milk for this cute baby? You can take it for free.

*Lady starts convincing the man to take money but he refuses.

Lady: Thanks for milk.

Now after reading both the instances, you may already know who the rich person is?

Manager of 5 star Hotel or the Poor Man?

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Elements Of Life

This one is very elemental and beautifully explains the concept of human life ,death and its insignificance. It captures the futile human effort for other things in life rather than “living in the moment” and “letting it go with the flow”.

It refers to a concept in Hinduism called PanchBhoot .
which is basis for all cosmic creation. According to this philosophy ,human body is made up of five elements – Earth ,Water ,Air ,Fire ,Aether.

“Anasir” mentioned in the couplet is Urdu word for Panch Bhoot.

Its by famous poet Brij Narayan Chakbast







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Waste of Money : My Thought

Some people buy large shampoo bottles thinking that it will cost them less money as compared to the Sachets. So let’s debunk this myth 😉

Spending on these Shampoo bottles is absolute waste of money. Don’t agree? Let’s do simple maths:

Bottle quantity is 180 ml and is priced at Rs.110 ( Original price is listed as Rs.155 and then striked-through to portray it as a discount of Rs. 45 which is again a marketing gimmick to attract naive customers).

Now if you divide the quantity of shampoo with its price you will get the quantity per unit price as-

180/110 → 1.64 ml of shampoo for every single Rupee you spent. Simple, right?

Now see the same simple maths for the same product, but in a Sachet instead of a bottle.

This sachet is for the same product of Pantene and is priced at Rs. 3 per packet of 7ml quantity (quantity is 7ml, couldn’t find a pic of quantity but can be verified )

Quantity of shampoo per unit price:

= 7/3 → 2.33 ml for every single Rupee that you will spend. It means you get 0.69 ml quantity of shampoo more for every single rupee. Hence, it is proved that you get more quantity in Sachets not in bottles which is the common notion.

I want to make it clear that this answer is just to debunk the myth that buying in bottle saves you money. I know some people will still go for a bottle instead of a sachet because it is easier to use (relatively) and they are now so used to it to even change the habit.

The saving is quite minuscule but as the adage goes: A penny saved is a penny earned. Just another perspective.

 Save more 💰 Earn More !

Smile: It improves face value


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This Quotes made me smile today with its hilarious description of meaning to words.

  • Sex – Like math: you add the bed, subract the clothes, divide the legs and pray you don’t multiply.
  • Headphones – A socially acceptable “I’m ignoring you” device.
  • Study – The act of texting, eating and watching TV with an open textbook nearby.
  • Bae – A Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet it means baby, sweetie etc.
  • Irony – Dropping your iPhone in Apple juice.
  • Bisexual – The ability to reach down someone’s pants and be satisfied with whatever you find.
  • Argument – A discussion that occurs when the women is right, and continues until the man realise it.
  • Last but not least, Secret – Something you tell everybody to tell nobody.

It made you smile too, didn’t it? Now it’s your turn to return the favour through positive comments👏


Karma: Existence !

Karma literally means action in Sanskrit, It does exist because man can’t exist without action. And it’s not really easy to understand like the law every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Because if you kill somebody,then he cannot kill you back.

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It’s a very subtle phenomenon and you can’t keep the track of it as you perform actions every moment of your life.Every next moment is a result of your previous moments, if you think in a certain way you are going to act in a certain way. You can see this in yourself. Karma does not produce reactions it produces results.




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Me v/s Me


I am : The Me

Life is10% what it happens to me…

90% how I react to it…

Facing my own Demons. And pretending to look normal!

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The smartest man in the world is holding a gun to your head. Ask him a question he can’t answer, you live. Else, you die. What question will you ask?

Lol..I would ask.. ‘just tell me dude! What I’m thinking right now?’Or umm… I’d just point towards any random person and ask the smartest man ‘What’s running in that person’s mind?’

I bet ..he can’t (no matter deeply he knows mind reading) as only God has the knowledge of unseen and we don’t !




Q : How does it feel to meet Rahul Gandhi?

A : If one gets an opportunity to meet to a person from the Royal Gandhi Family, one would expect a lot of information about the glorious past and vision of Modern India or what the India would be after say, 50 years.

Rahul Gandhi is blessed to have birth in the family which has great political background – [going in reverse order] – Rahiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru – Motilal Nehru etc. The family has always been associated with great and famous personalities from time to time.

However, even after keeping aside all the political prejudice and persona bias if I notice the way he behaves or speaks in general, I get disappointed. This 47 year old kid really does not have political maturity and really does not deserve to claim a member of Gandhi dynasty.

His recent comment that M K Gandhi, Nehru and Ambedkar were NRI. What value does it really add to the pathetic position of his political party today OR to him as a person? Nothing, in my opinion. Rather a doubt naturally comes to my mind as to whether he knows the very basic concept of NRI in legal context? Yes, Dr. Ambedkar had stayed outside India for higher studies. When the same Ambedkar gained some social weight in India, the INC under leadership of the great M K Gandhi had opposed him a lot and the socialist J M Nehru did not support Ambekar then. Will Rahul Gandhi throw light on such historical facts. His mother had openly said lies in the lower house of the parliament that INC always respected and supported Dr. Ambedkar.

After all, it depends upon interest of the person and sources of his knowledge –

Better have a beer or a cup of tea … instead of inviting further frustration!


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