We want everything in 5yrs…

Modi has to get 282 to become PM. Rahul can become PM even at 120

Modi has to remove RTE, kill anti Hindu discrimination, and destroy judicial apartheid, to get Hindu votes. Rahul gets Hindu votes by going to five temples.

Modi has to manage NPAs, make the GDP growth rate touch 8.5%, and implement GST perfectly to become PM. While Rahul Gandhi can have Indian economy be managed by Chidambaram.

Modi has to end TB By 2022, bring short time Ayushman Bharat, bring about Mission Indradhanush and open AIIMS in all states, to become PM. Rahul can simply connect all MRIs for this.

Modi has to stop Bangladeshi, Rohingya infiltration, throw back those already here, and implement Citizen Registry. Rahul has to understand that Rohingyas exist

In short, for evil things to happen, no one has to do anything (because, Entropy). But, for good things to happen, we need to actually work and get shit done

To be briefer, #FuckNOTA

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