Super Hero:The Real Man

Today I saw a trailer with Mr.Ambitab Bachan with his unique voice saying that America has superman, batman and spiderman but India has Padman.

hope you know who he is. If not, meet Mr.Arunachalam Muruganatham.

Born and brought up in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu,India. He lost his father at teenage, he dropped out of school and started to work in machine lathes, welding and small sort of works. Years passed….

With the background of poor average family, at one stage he got married too. One day he found his Mrs was hiding one waste cloth behind her and tried to avoid his eye contact. Curiously, Mr.Muruganatham found that his wife was using waste cloth as sanitary pads on her menstrual days. And the following conversation tooks place,

Mr: “why you are using this cloth?? Rather than using sanitary pads, which is available in stores?”

Mrs: “we can’t afford that and it’s none of your business.”

At that time, he decided to make a sanitary pad for his wife, he did that within 48 hours and he got immediate compliment from Mrs.Muruganatham that, it was worse than the waste cloth.

Mr.Muruganatham didn’t give up. He started to think and spend time in this and made some of his own sanitary pads and waited for results. Results didn’t come properly but at one stage he got divorce letter from his wife ( that’s his first valuable compliment as he said in some interviews) P.C – Al Jazeera news.

After Mrs.Muruganantham and her children went from Mr.Muruganantham. he fully dedicated his time into making a sanitary pad by turning himself with artificial uterus. After 4+ years of works with cotton he finally designed 3 machines which produces a world class sanitary pad with quality more than the marketed ones and with the half of the price.

Yes, Mr.Arunachalam muruganatham is the pad man.

With the knowledge of what the society needs, He patented his innovation and doesn’t give it into corporate hands. Instead, Mr.Muruganantham’s words are,

I am doing as a social cause”

“I am giving the machine to the rural India”

“I am going to create a million employment for rural women”

“I am going to make the figure of sanitary pad using women into 100%

With lots of hurdles he faced, finally he succeeded in what he was determined to. Counting numbers of his interviews with world famous peoples and stages with awards. More than 100+ countries acknowledged his innovation. Staying true to his words he gave employment opportunities to rural women.

Mr.Muruganantham Arunachalam – The first man to wear a sanitary napkin and the best person in India.

P.C- Google, YouTube., Wikipedia


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