some of the funniest sign boards found only in India❗






In Hindi “TATTI” means poop.

Update: I didn’t know I had these on my facebook album. But, all of them are unique and fun. Here you go –

Nothing is permanent? Seems legit.

This is the cause of inflation.

I’ll become truck when I grow up.

Text: “चोर बनिये की दुकान” – “Thief Baniye’s(Baniya is one of the castes in India) shop”.

Here is the whole text written translation(Cell phone number is in words for security reasons)-

Cold water, newspaper and phone services are free for traveling in this auto rickshaw.

10% discount for senior citizens.

The guest is God

Get the auto rickshaw from home – Nine Two One Two Two Five Nine Seven Five Seven
Six Four Five One One One Nine Eight

Honored by the Honorable Minister of Transport Auto Rickshaw Driver.

Only in India.

Here is the translation:

In red color: “50 bucks fine on vomiting”

Rest of the text:

“Waiter’s service charge will be separate.

protect your own belongings.

Canteen’s people and waiter….”

I am not a big fan of soft drinks after seeing this.

Anything is possible in India if you have money.

I am not sure how to translate this one. But it goes something like this: “Life’s screwed, still boasting”

Translation: “Please do not share the knowledge here. Here are all knowledgable.”

5 bucks for address enquiry.
And 10 bucks for taking you to the place”

Indian version of volvo maybe.

Why am I not surprised by this milestone?

Am I missing something here?

Do not trespass.

I am not sure if this was a real offer in the first place.










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