Who Is Rich !?


Today I saw a post on my Facebook feed.

In the post, there was a question – “Who is Rich?”


A woman was travelling in car. Suddenly her 5 year old child starts crying. She knew that he wants milk. So she stopped car at nearby 5 Star Hotel.

*Lady enters the hotel along with her baby.

Lady: Sir! Please please give me milk for my baby.

Manager: Mam! Here is your milk.

Lady: How much does it cost?

Manager: Rs 70.

*Gives money and left the hotel.

On the way her baby starts crying again. This time the lady didn’t see any hotel nearby. Suddenly she saw a small shop. Owner of the shop was very poor and old.

*Lady went to shop to inquire about milk.

Lady: Uncle do you have milk? I have to feed my baby.

Uncle(owner of shop) : Of Course!

*Gives baby feeder to lady after filling it.

Lady: How much does it cost?

Uncle : I don’t need any money. Why will I charge for some milk for this cute baby? You can take it for free.

*Lady starts convincing the man to take money but he refuses.

Lady: Thanks for milk.

Now after reading both the instances, you may already know who the rich person is?

Manager of 5 star Hotel or the Poor Man?

Image Source : Google Images